Become an Affiliate Organization of the NPSC


The NPSC works closely with other coalitions, associations, and organizations in order to network with others supporting the promotion of prevention policies and related shared interests.  This can range from being a supporter of the coalition to various collaboration projects. The following affiliations described are those that have been formally recognized by both the NPSC and the affiliate.  Below, you will find those who have joined our coalition and to learn more about each organizations, click on the logos to visit their websites. 


As we continue to grow and expand the NPSC, we will be creating various levels of affiliation.  For now, our definition of “affiliate” simply means that your organization:


a) has interest in further communication regarding collaboration (click here for suggestions)

b) would like to receive the NPSC’s communications via the Basecamp listserv and/or email updates

c) agree to be listed on our website and in our outreach materials


Furthermore, listed below are coalitions that the NPSC has joined:


1. Opportunity Nation                                  

2. National Juvenile Justice Network               

3. Americas Promise Alliance                          

4. Youth Promise Act Taskforce   

5. Act4JJ

The statements and opinions expressed by the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives do not necessarily represent the individual views of all NPSC members and organizations affiliated with the NPSC. For questions or concerns regarding policy, please contact Faith Fuller at

If you wish to become a formal affiliate of the NPSC OR recommend a like-minded organization, contact: Jessica Stavig, Coalition Coordinator at


6. National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition

7. Coalition for the Promotion of Behavioral Health

8. Injury & Violence Prevention Network (IVPN)

9. Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

10. March for Science (MFS)