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National Clearinghouse for Evidence-Based

Programs and Policies


The National Prevention Science Coalition has conceived of a proposal to create a clearinghouse that will meet the Evidence-Based Policy Act (EBPA) mandate to infuse scientific evidence into the decisions of policy-makers and increase the utility of that information for end-users.


The “National Clearinghouse for Evidence-Based Programs and Policies” (NACEPP) will broadly address the objectives of the Act by providing infrastructure for the rigorous evaluation of programs and policies that aim to reduce problems associated with detrimental conditions (e.g., academic failure, juvenile delinquency, addiction, heart disease) and promote positive outcomes (e.g., strong families, healthy child development, resilience).


We propose to incorporate government databases, as well as information from a number of existing evidence-based registries that evaluate interventions. As opposed to past such efforts, the Clearinghouse would provide a more user-friendly, interactive, and accessible platform and mechanism for selecting and implementing evidence-based programs and policies.


Please take a moment to review our proposal for the automated clearinghouse by watching the short 5 minute video below or using the button to read through the proposal. We would appreciate if you then could provide your feedback in the 4-question survey. Your response is anonymous. Thank you for your time and honest feedback!

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