Prevention Matters Podcast

The official podcast of the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives

For well over 50 years, prevention science has generated practices and policies that have improved countless lives throughout the lifespan by avoiding negative health and social outcomes (e.g., substance use disorder, academic failure, violence, mental illness) and strengthening conditions that enable individuals, families, and communities to thrive. The NPSC is dedicated to improving the reach and impact of prevention science. Join host Dr. Robert LaChausse as he interviews the most influential researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working in the field of prevention science. Each episode contains engaging conversations with powerful information to help you stay abreast of the field, connect with others like you who are doing important prevention work, and tips for improving your work and navigating the policy-making process.

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Sherry Glied: Episode 3

June ∙ 2021

On Episode 3 of the Prevention Matters Podcast, I speak with Health Economist Dr. Sherry Glied, Dean of New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. I ask her about her long career in health policy, why our society is more likely to fund healthcare than prevention, how to influence prevention policy at the federal level, and discover what house she would be in in the Harry Potter Wizarding world. Producer and Host: Robert G. LaChausse; Title Narration by Carol Damgen

Donna Shalala: Episode 2

March ∙ 2021

On Episode 2 of the Prevention Matters podcast, we speak with Donna Shalala, former congresswomen and US Secretary of Health and Human Services. She shares with us how her background in the Peace Corps prepared her for a career in public service, why prevention continues to take a backseat to healthcare, how to best communicate prevention information to policymakers, and what to do if you’re ever invited to the White House. Producer and Host: Robert G. LaChausse; Title Narration by Carol Damgen

Diana Fishbein: Episode 1

October ∙ 2020

On Episode 1 of the Prevention Matters Podcast, we chat with Dr. Diana Fishbein, Co-Director of the National Prevention Science Coalition (NPSC), and learn how her experiences growing up in and around Washington DC laid the foundation for a career in prevention, the challenges working in the field, how the NPSC is helping practitioners and researchers navigate the policy-making process, and what job she would never want to do. Producer and Host: Robert G. LaChausse; Title Narration by Carol Damgen