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Structural Racism Booklet: Research and Policy Analyses

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives is pleased to provide this 40-page booklet of factsheets documenting evidence for structural racism across societal systems. Experts from a wide range of fields present data on the negative impacts of racist practices on the health and well-being of children and families, and recommend public policies to weed it out.

What's Inside:

  • Opening Remarks from NPSC Co-Directors

  • Equity, Social Policy, and Social Determinants of Health Post-COVID-19

  • How the American Economy Benefits from Preventing the Costs of Structural Racism

  • Education as a Social Determinant of Health

  • Addressing Inequity Through Social Emotional Learning

  • Racially Disproportionate Discipline in Early Childhood Educational Settings

  • School Resource Officers and Racial Disparities in School Discipline and Juvenile Justice Referrals

  • Evidence-Based Police Reform

  • Strengthening the Overall Health of Communities Through Effective Collaboration and Prevention: Reflection on the Events of 2020

We hope you will find this booklet useful as a resource to inform your own work. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us at:

A special thank you to all of the contributing authors: Diana Fishbein, Ph.D., John Roman, Ph.D., Sara E. Abiola, Ph.D., J.D., Zohn Rosen, Ph.D., Diana Eldreth Chute, MSPH Candidate, Nikki Steinsiek M.D., MPH, Abí Steinsiek, B.A., Jenille Morgan, M.A., Doré LaForett, Ph.D., Allison De Marco, MSW, Ph.D., Sarah Terrell, B.S., Paula Smith, Ph.D., Ronald Weitzer, Ph.D., and Damon Jones, Ph.D.

Click below to view or download the Structural Racism Booklet:

Structural Racism Booklet_FINAL
Download PDF • 40.15MB

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