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Diana Fishbein, Ph.D.

E-Mail: Dfishbein@psu.edu

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What is Basecamp?


The NPSC is a network of individuals who value and actively work to promote prevention and research-based evidence for improving social conditions. As such, it is critical that we have a platform for sharing opportunities and information with one another for advancing prevention science in the national priorities for policy and research. The hope is that this platform can provide a vehicle for networking members to bridge the prevention science and policy gap.


The primary tool currently available for these purposes is the Basecamp Listserv. Listserv subscribers may use it as extensively or as little as desired, depending upon the level of involvement members wish to have.


Members may share information about:


  • Opportunities for collaboration between members (e.g., new research), calls for funding or research proposals, skill development (e.g. applicable webinars), job openings, or other professional development experiences (e.g. request for coauthors on a white paper)


  • Current events that initiate discussion among members (e.g., proposed legislation for human service reform)


  • Tips for communicating research outside academia to public and private sectors


  • Requests for volunteers that help address specific needs and goals related to the coalition’s mission


  • Ideas for group activities that advance prevention research or policy (e.g., share ideas about a topic for a new op-ed)


  • Issue-specific campaigns in which members can become involved (e.g., calls to action, such as letter writing to House Representatives)


  • Requests for information from other members (e.g. resources about juvenile justice)


  • Other posts that promote general discussion and problem solving about social issues and promote new ideas for action and collaboration


Read more about the purpose of our membership network, rules of conduct, and other considerations