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To advance our agenda, NPSC focuses on:

  1. Communicating the potential for prevention to improve lives on a population level in educational briefings on Capitol Hill.

  2. Building coalitions, partnerships, and relationships with organizations, stakeholders, and end-users to increase the impact and sustainability of preventative solutions.

  3. Designing model legislation to help reduce exposure to adverse conditions and foster healthy environments to improve family and child wellbeing and resiliency.

  4. Developing an infrastructure for the systematic diffusion of evidence-based practices on state and local levels.

  5. Leveraging our membership and broader network of research scientists to expedite the evidence base process for emerging and promising practices that are working in the field.

Here are some of the exciting initiatives we will be working on this year!

ADVOCACY: We work to educate and inform policymakers about the value of prevention science, practice, and systems on an ongoing basis. This set of activities takes several forms, including congressional briefings, letters, op-eds, white papers, policy briefs, fact sheets, and meetings with legislators at all levels. You are invited to contribute by proposing topics, speakers, writers, and advocates. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

EDUCATION: We are expanding on our American Psychological Association continuing education program with additional courses, trainings, workshops, books, and other educational opportunities. You have an opportunity to propose and conduct a course so that professionals can obtain CE credits to learn from you!

NATIONAL PREVENTION SYSTEM: We are working with federal agencies and other groups to promote the adoption of our blueprint for a National Comprehensive Prevention System that provides community-based infrastructure for delivery of evidence-based services to prevent substance use, addiction, and other behavioral and mental health problems and promote healthy outcomes. You can support this effort by endorsing our letters and other communications.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: We have contracts with the National Governors Association (NGA) and The Division to Advance Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT, supporting the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, an ONDCP initiative) to aid states and localities in their efforts to establish prevention infrastructure. This work positions us to avail ourselves of other opportunities for similar work with states and federal agencies, further advancing the widespread embrace of prevention strategies.

CLEARINGHOUSE: Neil Wollman (former NPSC Co-Director) and Denni Fishbein (NPSC Co-Director) developed the conception for an AI driven prevention program/policy clearinghouse that would overlay on an existing registry platform. The features it would offer significantly enhance the utility and reach of the information provided, including incremental steps and an interactive platform that walks the user through the process of a needs assessment, community-driven program selection, implementation, and tackling barriers and challenges on the ground. There are opportunities for collaboration and funding to support its development.

CONFERENCE: We are planning to host a national convening of experts, policymakers, community stakeholders, practitioners, foundations, agency officials, and others to address the root causes of behavioral and mental health issues, such as poverty, racism, discrimination, inequities, child maltreatment, and unsafe environments. As our planning process progresses, we will be reaching out for your input and involvement.

PODCASTS:  Robert LaChausse, Ph.D. a key Board Member and faculty with Cal Baptist University has developed a series of podcasts as he skillfully interviews key policymakers, agency officials, and senior scientists about the importance and impacts of their prevention-related work. Three more have been conducted and will appear shortly on our website.  More to come to stay tuned!

RESOURCES: We continue to produce and collect resources, tools, websites, and trainings that bolster the ability of all stakeholders to adopt prevention strategies. You can contribute by sharing the resources we provide and by sending us what you have for others to benefit.

Transformative change is possible within our lifetimes. When confronted by the current challenges in our world, it can feel far off. But major change can and does happen when political and public will are mobilized. True change is certainly possible via strong collective advocacy for embracing tested prevention strategies. NPSC facilitates that change process, as a national leader bringing prevention science to life.


See the benefits of being an NPSC member and how you can make a difference in 2024

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