NPSC Projects

The NPSC engages in a range of efforts, including voluntary, prospective, and contracted initiatives.

Below is a list of ongoing efforts.

Expanding the Impact of NPSC via the Coalition of Behavioral Science Organizations

June 28, 2018

The NPSC is partnering with five other behavioral science organizations to advance the application of our scientific knowledge and methods to benefit society. In addition to the NPSC, the Coalition of Behavioral Science Organizations (CBSO) includes the Association for Behavior Analysis International, the Association for Contextual Behavior Science, the Association for Positive Behavior Support, the Evolution Institute, and the Society of Behavioral Medicine. For nearly a year, the CBSO’s organizations have been working to together to develop a joint position statement outlining our guiding principles and to progress the planning of coalition activities and objectives. Many if not all of the problems that we face as societies are at their core problems of human behavior and environments. The CBSO members are confident that the knowledge behavioral and social scientists have accumulated about human behavior, coupled with the scientific methods we have generated and refined, can enable our societies to achieve unprecedented advances in human wellbeing. The CBSO’s joint statement fits well with NPSC’s vision: “Guided by science, the NPSC envisions a society that fosters nurturing environments and caring relationships for the well-being of all.” To read the CBSO values statement, click below. 

Poverty Reduction

The NPSC plans to work with its Affiliate organizations to further partnerships between researchers, practitioners, community and national organizations, federal agency administrators, and policy-makers to promote ways in which evidence-based prevention science can more effectively address poverty than current approaches.  Importantly, community partners will be engaged to ensure the fit and feasibility of locally adopted programs.  They will also help to address and manage local implementation challenges and increase buy-in and readiness in the community.  Investigators, implementation scientists, economists, and practitioners who are members of the NPSC (and many who are on the Board of Directors) have a track record of conducting studies and implementing programs in high poverty communities. Thus, we have significant investment and experience in this track.  We propose to accomplish this goal, first by educating the public, media, Congress, and federal agencies regarding the scientific alternatives to reducing poverty. We will utilize such means as op-eds, press conferences, congressional briefings, written materials, and relationships with legislators/administrators. Second, we will write a scholarly article for a prominent journal on ways in which preventive interventions improve the economic security of individuals and families. And third, we will identify foundation and federal grant solicitations for (a) research that fills existing gaps, and (b) implementation and evaluation of evidence-based programs to reduce poverty and its adverse consequences; applications from relevant experts in our membership will be encouraged. And finally, we will further develop relationships with national organizations and foundations that focus on poverty to scale up these efforts, ensuring a broad impact.  See our full proposal here.

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