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Join the NPSC

We are the leading voice in promoting the transformation of knowledge from prevention science into effective and sustainable practices, systems and policies. Your investment will ensure the sustainability of our thriving organization, significantly build our capabilities and represent our mutual interests. There is real policy momentum for prevention right now, and with your help, we can be a voice for change.

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With more than 800 members, the NPSC is represented across 48 states within the U.S.  Additionally, we have members located in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • A platform to engage with and leverage relationships with governing bodies on many levels

  • A members only platform, Tribe, to network with like-minded experts, individuals, and organizations

  • 10% discount on all NPSC continuing education courses, which we will be expanding significantly in the coming months

  • First opportunity to register to our congressional events focusing on timely policies/topics (view prior events)

  • Discounts to our upcoming conferences on prevention science

  • Forums & FAQ library (e.g. NPSC members only forum on how to disseminate your research to policy makers)

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Access to educational white papers on evidence-based prevention policies

  • Access to scholarly presentations and resources from our Board of Directors on a variety of prevention science related topics

  • Opportunities to widely disseminate policy briefs, research papers, and deliverables to policy, research and practice communities through various channels

  • Training opportunities

  • Opportunity to leverage the NPSC, a premiere national authority on prevention science, to broaden the reach of your research and advocacy

per year

Perfect for institutional members including two individual memberships and a variety of promotional opportunities for the organization they represent

per year

Perfect for Working Professionals

Early Career
per year

Perfect for Professionals
(within 3 years of graduation)


per year

Perfect for those who have retired from a professional career but still want to stay active with a non-profit

per year

Perfect for Undergraduate, Graduate, & Doctoral Students

Membership Plan Options

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