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Join the NPSC

We are the leading voice in promoting the transformation of knowledge from prevention science into effective and sustainable practices, systems and policies. Your investment will ensure the sustainability of our thriving organization, significantly build our capabilities and represent our mutual interests. There is real policy momentum for prevention right now, and with your help, we can be a voice for change.

With nearly 6000 and counting in our network, the NPSC is represented across all 50 states within the U.S.  Additionally, we have an international presence in Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Membership Benefits Include:

Opportunity to leverage the NPSC, a premiere national authority on prevention science, to broaden the reach of your research and advocacy in the following ways:

  • Utilize NPSC as a fiduciary agent for foundation grants to avoid high indirect cost rates of home institutions (certain rules apply)

  • Discounts to our upcoming conferences to close the gap between research and policymaking


  • 10% discount on all continuing education courses offered by the NPSC, an American Psychological Association (APA) sponsor.

  • Networking opportunities through our monthly online Q&A session where you can ask our experts anything!

  • Access to our members-only Listserve, a platform that allows you to share content and network with like-minded individuals and organizations

  • Contact information for and/or direct communication on your behalf to federal and state legislators and their staff (by request only)

  • Opportunity to initiate, engage in, and/or play a key role in policy events (e.g. congressional briefings, Capitol “Hill Day”, informational forums, etc.) and written products (e.g. policy briefs, factsheets, opeds, publications, etc.)

  • Advocacy training and educational opportunities

  • Contributing to our policy agenda

per year

Perfect for institutional members including two individual memberships and a variety of promotional opportunities for the organization they represent

per year

Perfect for Working Professionals

Early Career
per year

Perfect for Professionals
(within 3 years of graduation)


per year

Perfect for those who have retired from a professional career but still want to stay active with a non-profit

per year

Perfect for Undergraduate, Graduate, & Doctoral Students

Membership Plan Options

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