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Practical Lessons on Moving Successfully from Prevention Science to Policy: What Works in Getting “What Works” into Policy



On December 3, 2014 the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives (NPSC) hosted a briefing with nationally recognized experts on getting evidence-based prevention science into legislation and into the work of government agencies. Representatives Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03), John Conyers (D-MI-13), and Todd Young (R-IN-9) made opening remarks.


We have conducted three previous prevention-related briefings (interventions across policy areas, scaling-up implementation, and juvenile justice reform). This session should be of value to researchers/practitioners/interest groups seeking to influence policy; and to legislators/administrators seeking to incorporate prevention science into their work. 


Panel One: Lessons Learned from Legislators and Agency Administrators in Collaborating with Prevention Scientists to Utilize their Work


1. Catherine Nolan & Caryn Blitz (Office of the Commissioner, Children’s Bureau; Administration for Children, Youth & Families; HHS)

2. Bobby Vassar, J.D. (Former Chief Counsel, U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime)

3. Gary VanLandingham, Ph.D.  (Director, Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative)


Panel Two: Lessons Learned in Getting One's Prevention Science Work into Legislation or Government Agency Operations


4. Allison Metz, Ph.D. (Co-Director, National Implementation Research Network)

5. Jon Baron, J.D., M.P.A. (President, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy)

6. Dennis Embry , Ph.D. (President, PAXIS Institute)

Presentation Video Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!

Working with implementation scientists to scale-up the prevention work of the Children’s Bureau:


Catherine Nolan & Caryn Blitz


A roadmap for governmental officials pursuing evidence-based policymaking: 



Gary VanLandingham, Ph.D.


Presentation Video Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!

Working with researchers/ practitioners/ advocates in getting Prevention Science into the Youth Promise Act:


Bobby Vassar, J.D.

Introducing a “wide-scale implementation” strategy into the work of government agencies:


Allison Metz, Ph.D.

Presentation Video Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!

Increasing the effectiveness of government social spending through the use of rigorous evidence about “what works”:


Jon Baron, J.D., M.P.A.


Presentation Video Coming Soon...Stay Tuned!

Entrepreneurial approaches to large-scale, sustainable implementation of evidence-based practices: Lessons from the PAX Good Behavior Game:


Dennis Embry, Ph.D.


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