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Violence Prevention Working Group

The Violence Prevention Workgroup (VPWG) operates under the auspices of the National Prevention Science Coalition (NPSC) which, in turn, is comprised of approximately 800 social science scholars, researchers, practitioners, advocates, and clinicians who are dedicated to translating scientific knowledge into effective and sustainable practices, systems, and policies.  We discuss current and upcoming events and invite scholars to present their ongoing work.  Over the next few months, the VPWG will develop specific strategies to broaden the adoption of evidence-practices and policies.

The VPWG hosts monthly webinars on the prevention of violence, utilizing multiple perspectives and disciplines. Our speakers present on a topic of the their choice. We only ask that they include a discussion on policy advocacy. These meetings are open to individuals who have a keen interest in or are part of violence prevention initiatives.  For now, the NPSC is proudly sharing these videos with our entire membership; however, we plan to restrict these in the future for paying members only.  Prominent speakers (to name a few) have included:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Butts, Director of the Research & Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • Dr. Dennis Embry, Senior Scientist at PAXIS Institute

  • Danielle Sered, Executive Director of Common Justice and Author of, Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and a Road to Repair

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Rutgers University

Curricula Vitae

Dr. Steven Berkowitz

University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Luis Cardona

County Gov’t

Ms. Kayla DeCant

Dr. Dennis Embry

PAXIS Institute

Dr. Dorothy Espelage

UNC-Chapel Hill 

Dr. Diana Fishbein

Penn State University

Ms. Faith Fuller

Dr. Abigail Gewirtz

University of Minnesota

Dr. Phillip Graham

Ms. Bevin Gwiazdowski

Dr. Stephanie Hawkins


Dr. Robin Jenkins


Dr. Shameka Johnson

Dr. Sharon Kingston

Dr. Laurel Kiser


Ms. Kristen Krackle


Dr. Jaime Lagunez

Dr. Phillip Leaf

Johns Hopkins

Ms. Stephanie Mann

Safe Kids Now

Dr. Jennifer Matjasko

Dr. Barbara Melamed

Behavior Medicine Associates & Hawaii University

Dr. Kristin Moore

Child Trends

Dr. Michael B. Mushlin

Dr. John Roman


Dr. Arthur Romano

George Mason University

Dr. Peter Scharf


Bonnie Seilier

Julia Silva


Dr. Sharon Stephan


Dr. Brandon Stratford

Child Trends

Dr. Brita Theadford

Sisterhood Inc. & Rowan University

Dr. Michael Vanyukov
University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Bobby Vassar

Legislative Chief Counsel (retired)

Dr. Rebecca Vivrette


Dr. Geroma Void


Dr. Daniel Webster

Dr. Monica Wendel

University of Louisville

Dr. Jacob Werblow

Central Connecticut State University

Dr. Anna Yaros

Dr. Xan Young

American Institute for Research

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