Action Committees


This committee's goal is to develop a package of communication products with a consistent core story about prevention science and its value-added, and a corresponding measurement strategy, to fulfill the Coalition’s mission.



This committee engages in outreach activities across sectors, including researchers, practitioners, community and national organizations, federal agency administrators and policy makers, to (a) identify mission alignments; (b) develop relationships; (c) determine how partnerships and collaborations can advance joint agendas; and (d) formalize associations for more intensive ongoing efforts to apply the science of prevention to improve effectiveness of practices, systems, and policies.



This committee serves in an ongoing capacity as a body of experts to educate and engage policymakers and administrative staff at all levels regarding relevant aspects of prevention science that can inform their decision-making, thereby increasing the benefits and reducing the costs of resultant policies and practices.


Will Aldridge, Ph.D.

Susan Andersen, Ph.D.

Aysenil Belger, Ph.D.

Jacinda Dariotis, Ph.D.

Abi Gewirtz, Ph.D.

Michael Greene, Ph.D.

Ty Ridenour, Ph.D.

Valerie Shapiro, Ph.D.

Paula Smith, Ph.D.

Steve Sussman, Ph.D.

Dawn Witherspoon, Ph.D.

Diana Fishbein, Ph.D.

KM Committee Chair


Tony Biglan, Ph.D.

Robin Jenkins, Ph.D.

John Roman, Ph.D.

Taylor Scott, Ph.D.

Sharon Kingston, Ph.D.

N&C Committee Chair


Will Aldridge, Ph.D.

Nathaniel Counts, J.D.

Max Crowley, Ph.D.

Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D.

Robin Jenkins, Ph.D.

Kenneth Jones (as an advisor)

Ron Prinz, Ph.D.

Bobby Vassar


Phillip Graham, DrPH, MPH,

I&I Committee Chair

Working groups are less formal than our standing committees and are designed to address areas of concern to us.

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