Communications and Operations Assistant


We currently have a volunteer position available to assist with NPSC communications. The volunteer will be involved with a wide range of activities geared toward further establishing our infrastructure.  We ask that 5-10 hours a week be dedicated to communication activities (newsletter development, social media, website, & development of communications committee) and helping to manage operational tasks.  The volunteer will work closely with the Coalition Coordinator and weekly phone meetings/frequent email communication will be requested.  Currently, this is a work from home position. 



The position strongly prefers the volunteer to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Computer Technology, Psychology, Public Health, Business Administration, or a related field with at least one year of direct experience in some of the tasks outlined below (e.g. writing/editing, social media management, etc.).  Current college students will be considered as well.  Knowledge of prevention science is a plus. 


Desired Skills:


1. Technologically savvy (e.g., proficient with excel, word processing, power point, wix (for our website), newsletter software (constant contact), and other software used for publication purposes and database management)

2. Takes initiative

3. Detail Oriented (e.g., entering data accurately, tracking activities and accomplishments, etc.)

4. Exceptional language and editing skills (e.g., posting on social media, reviewing language for announcements, brochures, etc.)

5. Ability to problem solve without supervision (e.g. technological issues)

6. Creative design and visual skills

7. Time management and organizational skills

8. Notetaking skills

9. Pleasant and effective phone and e-mail etiquette


Depending on skill set, tasks may include:


1. Social Media: Assist with the social media presence (e.g. Increase exposure via social media by finding relevant posts daily and increasing followers on twitter, facebook, youtube, and linkedin page)


2. Website Development/Management: Provide assistance with updates to the NPSC website.  Review google analytics and make suggestions for improvement


3. Newsletter production: Collect, organize, research, and write/edit relevant material.


4. Research: Assist with background research for various projects and tasks


5. Outreach & materials: Assist in the production and editing of company materials (e.g. brochure, op-eds, handouts, business cards, etc.)


6. Membership/Affiliates: Help NPSC increase membership and develop strategies to increase collaboration (e.g. data collection and entry for various databases)


7. Committee Support: NPSC has a number of committees which may request assistance with activities and projects. 


8. Congressional Briefings: Provide administrative support in the areas of logistics, communication, and technology.  This occurs in DC roughly 4-6 times per year.


9. Administrative Support: Mailings, copying, ordering supplies, etc.


10. Other Activities: Other activities may be requested, based on the skill level and interest of the applicant (e.g. event planning, research funding opportunities, project evaluation opportunities)


If you are interested in this opportunity, send your resume and cover letter to Jessica Bair (