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Advancing Prevention Perspectives through Education, Application, & Impact

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

October 2021 HIDTA Prevention Summit

The purpose of the 2021 HIDTA Prevention Summit was to enhance and elevate perspectives on substance use prevention. Participants had an opportunity to learn the latest advances in the field and essential ways of thinking about approaching prevention for maximum impact.

All recorded webinars are available for on-demand viewing on the ADAPT YouTube Channel and linked below.

Download all Summit Resource Supplements and Slides at:

Presentation Videos

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Welcome and Opening Remarks for the 2021 HIDTA Prevention Summit offered by the National HIDTA Program Office, Washington/Baltimore HIDTA, and ADAPT

National Drug Priorities in 2021: Office of National Drug Control Policy Acting Director Regina LaBelle shares the current drug priorities for our nation.

Advances in Prevention Science: Dr. Carlos Blanco with the National Institute of Drug Abuse shares the latest advances in substance use prevention science.

Synthesizing the Science for Substance Use Prevention: Drs. Grant Baldwin and Rita Noonan of the CDC share how the latest advances in prevention science are being transformed into public health prevention strategies.

Systems of Prevention: Dr. Zili Sloboda of the Applied Prevention Science Institute examines the various system dynamics involved in effective substance use prevention.

Simple Tools for Making Environments More Nurturing: Dr. Tony Biglan of Oregon Research Institute and Dr. Dennis Embry of PAXIS Institute share their work on how to apply kernels, fundamental evidence-based units of behavioral influence, to prevention efforts.

Normalizing Prevention: Dr. Diana Fishbein of the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives and the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute shares strategies for normalizing prevention within community and cultural contexts.

Motivation Action for the Future: Communicating the Power of Prevention: Dr. Nat Kendall-Taylor of FrameWorks Institute shares framing strategies to support effective substance use prevention messaging.

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