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Advancing Substance Use Prevention in HIDTA Communities: Standards, Strategies, and Support

An Annual HIDTA Prevention Summit

The NPSC role in this summit was consistent with our mission to encourage an understanding and acceptance by public and private sectors of the evidence accumulated by Prevention Science and related fields, thus leading to policies that enable wide-scale adoption and implementation of effective strategies by community and child/adolescent-serving systems (e.g., education, child welfare, juvenile justice) for improving mental, behavioral, physical and community health. During this workshop, we discussed:

(1) the evidence-based principles and practices generated by the field of prevention science,

(2) the implementation process involving actions needed to foster conditions necessary to successfully implement and sustain new programs and innovations,

(3) lessons learned and practical challenges in the use of implementation science, and

(4) applying key findings from the science to make sound economic investments in prevention.


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