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Prevention Science Can’t Wait: An Interview with Dr. Diana H. Fishbein

Authors: Alan C. Logan and Diana H. Fishbein

Published: March 26, 2024

Dr. Diana Fishbein then and now

Dr. Diana H. Fishbein—“then and now”. (Left), Photographed with an EEG machine as a new graduate investigating criminology through the lens of neuroscience; (Right), in her current role as a senior research scientist at Pennsylvania State University and University of North Carolina

From the Abstract: "In an ongoing series of interviews, Challenges Advisory Board member and Nova Institute for Health Fellow Alan C. Logan meets with thought leaders, scientists, scholars, healthcare professionals, artisans, and visionaries concerned about health at the scale of persons, places, and the planet. Here, Dr. Diana H. Fishbein responds to a set of questions posed by Challenges. For over forty years, Dr. Fishbein, a neuroscientist and criminologist by training, has been at the forefront of research examining the intersections of biological, environmental, social, and physical factors as they relate to brain development, functioning, risky behavior, and life outcomes. Within this broad-ranging career, Dr. Fishbein was among the very first to conduct a dietary intervention study (eliminating refined carbohydrate foods) examining behavioral outcomes (i.e., nutritional psychiatry). This, combined with related research endeavors and experiences, led to a wider-lens view of prevention research, a desire to understand the physiological mechanisms that explain heterogeneity in positive and/or unfavorable outcomes in prevention programs, and a dynamic career devoted to the science of prevention. Here, Dr. Fishbein reflects on her career and its many twists and turns through a range of interdisciplinary work. She discusses prevention science through the lens of future possibilities and the need for scientists to lean toward advocacy and supporting evidence-based policy changes. Prevention science, as Dr. Fishbein explains, is at the heart of the many interconnected challenges of our time."


Logan, A. C. & Fishbein, D. H. (2024). Prevention science can’t wait: an interview with Dr. Diana H. Fishbein. Challenges, 15(2), 8. DOI: 10.3390/challe15020018


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