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Fall 2018 Briefing Schedule


The Real Dangers of Conflating Opioid Dependence with Addiction

We will discuss the dual challenges of addiction and dependence in developing policy responses to the opioid epidemic.  This briefing will bring lawmakers, regulators, physicians and other scientists, and, the public into the conversation with the goal to inform decision making and develop policies that are more responsive to patients’ differential needs. 


Federal Leadership to Strengthen State and Local Government Evidence-Based Prevention Policies

To support federal and state policymakers in addressing these challenges, the NPSC and the American Psychological Association (APA) will co-host a congressional briefing to highlight state-level initiatives designed to infuse prevention science based policies into their state administrative infrastructures and policies.  The briefing will highlight exemplar states where prevention values and frameworks drive key policymaking, budgeting and programs and discuss where federal-state partnerships have enhanced efforts.

Research related to the Family First Prevention Services Act

This briefing will describe research evidence related to the Family First Prevention Services Act, which aims to strengthen families by increasing parents’ access to treatment when their families are at risk of separation through child protective services.

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