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What policymakers need to know about implementing evidence-based programs (EBPs):


Will Aldridge, Investigator and Implementation Specialist, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Interactive System Framework (ISF): A model for disseminating and implementing effective prevention programs:


Abe Wandersman, Professor, U. of South Carolina

Implementing Evidence Based Prevention Programs:

Implications for Policymakers in Congress and Elsewhere



In our initial Congressional Briefing, we promoted governmental adoption of evidence-based prevention programs in many policy areas. From interventions that prevent chronic health or environmental problems to those that reduce incarceration, homelessness, or high school drop-out rates, using evidence-supported prevention strategies pays huge dividends to individuals, government, and society (prevention policy paper). Preventive actions reduce human suffering and are far more cost saving than waiting until a problem develops and then attempting to fix it. Reducing costs and budget deficits while benefiting society is a true bipartisan budget approach.


On January 14, the Prevention Coalition hosted a follow-up briefing about wide-scale implementation of well-established programs in the Rayburn House Office Building. The briefing focused on what policymakers need to know to support and monitor the implementation of programs to produce successful outcomes. Supportive of prevention initiatives, Representatives Antonio "Tony" Cárdenas (D-CA-29) and Robert Pittenger (R-NC-09) spoke.




Interactive Systems Framework


Considerations for Policymakers


A Proven, Multi-Systemic Model of Local Governance for Implementing and Sustaining a Broad Spectrum of EBPs: 


Philip Uninsky, Executive Director, Youth Policy Institute


Model of Local Governance - Partnership for Results


Implementing EBPs on a societal level, stressing the importance of nurturing environments:


Anthony Biglan,

Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute

Promoting Nurturing Environments


A policymaker's view of the practical and effective application of evidenced based practices:


Kristen Cox,

Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

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