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Healthy Child Development Through Prevention Science

Early childhood education is but one of many prevention strategies that can help the U.S. ensure the health and well-being of all its children, in the context of family, school, neighborhood, and community. Prevention science is one of the best avenues to promote the healthy development of children through the implementation of evidence-based policies and solutions. A comprehensive report by the Institute of Medicine entitled Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People: Progress and Possibilities makes a case for the critical role that prevention science needs to play in healthy child development. After reading this policy brief, you will be able to answer the following: What is prevention science? What are the major influence for child development? Why is prevention essential to healthy child development? What is needed for healthy child development? To learn more, download the full text PDF below.

Prepared by: Ron Prinz, Diana Fishbein, Neil Wollman, Jacob Werblow, Julia Tucker, and Matthew Ellis (in conjunction with the Healthy Child Development project through the National Prevention Science Coalition To Improve Lives

HealthyChildDevelopment 4-21-2017
Download PDF • 67KB

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