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Prevention Science to Inform Juvenile Justice Policy: Reauthorizing the JJDPA


This brief includes recommendations with five key themes that can supplement the impressive

work done by Congressional leadership and staff as efforts move forward to reauthorize the

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act:

  1. An intentional focus on prevention and earlier intervention -- a health/public health framework may be most useful;

  2. The importance of appropriating resources at levels to ensure appropriate infrastructure and “scaling” frameworks as grounded in prevention (implementation) science;

  3. Engaging families and communities early, often and in significant ways;

  4. Strengthening capacities and competencies at every level (federal, state, local) in implementing evidence-supported and promising practices as well as their use of quality management systems to ensure compliance with the Act; and

  5. Funding what works and most promising evidence based practices (EBP’s).

Download the PDF for full text version:

JJDPA Reauth Prevention Science Support
Download • 700KB

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