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It's Official!
The NPSC is approved to offer APA Continuing Education credits. Details on available courses will be announced soon!




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Previous Events

Fundamentals of Substance Use Prevention Webinar Series

ADAPT, in partnership with the National Prevention Science Coalition

Neuroscience for Prevention of Drug Addiction, A Panel in the First ISAM Asian Regional Meeting

Grant Award News

Granting Agency:

Partnership for Better Health

Improving Outcomes for Children of Caregivers with Substance Use Disorders


Award: $99,690

Granting Agency:

University of Baltimore, Center for Drug Policy and Enforcement

Developing Local Infrastructure to Address the Significant Needs of Caregivers with Opioid Addiction and Their Children

Award: $300,295

Granting Agency:

NORC at the University of Chicago

Prevention Authority

Award: $10,000

Resource Highlight

National Trauma Campaign Core Team Member Whitney Marris masterfully presents "How to Advocate" during the August 2021 CTIPP CAN Call focused on supporting advocates in promoting trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and healing-centered policies and practices.

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We recognize, value, and honor the relationships we have established with our members and affiliates. 

Without them, the National Prevention Science Coalition does not exist.



Dr. Dennis Embry has been recognized by the Child Welfare League of America as one of the 100 Champions for Children. As part of CWLA's 100th-anniversary celebration, they chose to recognize the exceptional commitment of individuals, organizations, and corporations who serve as champions for children and those who work on their behalf. Dennis Embry has devoted a lifetime of service on behalf of young children and their families. Congratulations, Dennis!


President & Senior Scientist, PAXIS Institute

Co-Investigator, Johns Hopkins University & the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

National Advisory Council member and Chief Science Advisor,Children’s Mental Health Network


The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) is a 2,400-member organization of scientific researchers, clinicians, and educators. They study interactions among behavior, biology, and the environment, and translate findings into interventions that improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. For more information, visit their website at www.sbm.org

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NPSC values and upholds diversity, equity, and inclusion. Racism and exclusionary practices are harmful and antithetical to the dignity and respect that all people deserve.  We are committed to applying the principles and practices of prevention science to prevent harmful public policies and systems, and those that perpetuate systematic racism.